Kenpo was definitely a less intense cardio work. The work outs are very do-able, yet still raises your heart rate. At first I was going to just stop midway, but I kept pushing myself. The whole time I kept telling me, “This isn’t intense enough..” But then I started to realize that I was actually getting out of breath and my heart was pumping pretty fast. That’s cardio for you, I kept going and finished the workout and got my cardio in for the day :)

I also incorporated ~30 squats to help out the bootay ;D

1 more day and I will have finished the FIRST week of P90X!

Goals for next kenpo work out: Work on higher kicks and form. 



Let’s just say I sweated up a storm! This workout seemed to go by a lot faster than the rest, probably because I was looking forward to it ending so fast. Lol. Leg day seems to be the most dreadful to me, but at the same time, I look forward to it as well because my legs are one of my main priori ties. I really enjoyed switching up legs and then back, it made the work out a lot easier to follow. I was also surprised at how well I did at some of the moves, I kept up best as I could and even when I wanted to just stop midway, I finished it.

Goals for next leg & back day: Def get a pull-up bar, I am feeling NO burn using a resistance band..

Post work-out snack: Bagel w/ milk, yogurt and half an ice cream sandwich D:



I felt very lazy today and put off the yoga for a while but finally decided to finish it around night time. It was very relaxing because my whole body has been sore from days 1-3. At the beginning of the video, Tony mentioned to relax so I decided to turn off my bedroom lights and turn on a small lamp for a relax setting. Yoga was very relaxing and it felt good to let my whole body relax and also concentrate on my posture and breathing, which I lack at. I enjoyed various of the poses, some were awkward but it felt great stretching the muscles.

Goals for next yoga work outs: Work on breathing, posture & flexibility.


Definitely an easier work out for me. Unfortunately I did not have my 5 lbs dumbbells with me so I had to resort to the resistance band, this ultimately made the work outs a little easier, but I still felt a burn. I really enjoyed the arm work outs, there was a good variety.

Before the work out, my chest was already really sore from day 1. And after my work out, my whole body became even more sore. Particularly my legs for some reason.

Goals for next shoulders & arms workouts: Def get weights, I would like a pair of 10s and 15s.


HANDS DOWN, hardest work out ever! I hate cardio and workouts with constant movement and plyo was all about that! I was wheezing like crazy and took various breaks. To be honest I stopped half way through, I just did not feel good and just did not want to continue. I’m disappointed in myself, but it was an experience. The next day, my thighs felt sore as well, that only shows how effective this work out was.

Goals for next plyo workout: Finish the WHOLE video! Try my best, pace myself and just finish!


Chest and back workouts consisted primarily on push up and pull ups. It’s pathetic but I could barely do a regular push up so I had to use my knees and do the “girl” push ups. I also did not have a pull up bar so I used a resistance band as an alternative as shown in the video.

The chest work outs (push ups) were EXTREMELY difficult, but because I was on my knees to do the push ups, it wasn’t as bad. By the end of the video, my arms were trembling and could barely carry on.

One thing to remember is to definitely pace yourself and know your boundaries. Don’t push yourself over your boundary, if they are going too fast in the video, pause and take a quick break (no more than 1 min).

Abs was definitely hard as well. I have to admit that I skipped some of their ab workouts because some of them were extremely hard and I couldn’t even understand how to do them. I admit I slacked a lot during the ab workout, but the next day my abs were still a little sore.

Goals for next chest, back & abs work out: Try a lot harder during the ab workouts! I’ve tried them before and they have been really effective. Possibly try to get a pull-up bar for better results.


My planned routine:

After inconsistent months of going to the gym on and off. I’ve decided to give p90x a try. I don’t want to have to deal with the winter weather, going to gym and plus, getting to the gym is half the struggle for me. I’d like to try working out at home cause I know I will have enough time, and if I’m home, I will have no excuse. 

Along with p90x, I want to in cooperate in some booty work outs, rather it’s Brazilian Butt Work Outs or just youtube videos, my booty is a big priority.

A lot of people pre-judge me and ask, “Why do you want to work out? You’re so skinny already?” Here is my answer.

I want to work out because..

- I want to be healthy

- I want to have more energy

- I want to be physically strong and mentally

- I may be skinny, but my skin is very loose and “jiggly.”

- I want to have more confidence and higher self-esteem

- I’ve always felt like I have never really done anything extraordinary with my life

- I want to prove myself wrong

- I want to prove others wrong

- I want to be the BEST version of myself

- Lastly, I want to look dammmnnnnnn good ;)

Some turning points for me:

- Growing up I never felt very pretty, I was the BIGGEST tom boy EVER. Going into high school & then middle school, I was still kindda that awkward tom boy girl that never really felt pretty. I knew I wasn’t ugly (lol) but I just never really had confidence in myself. One benefit of being young & naive, I didn’t ever really care what people said about me. Now as I’m getting older (22 years old), I feel like I’m becoming a lot more self-conscious. I don’t want to have a 12 year old girl body anymore.

- I used to be in a semi-verbal abusive relationship. It wasn’t extreme, but little comments, jokes, and some times even purposeful insults really brought down my self-esteem dramatically. It also took away a lot of my personality. I’ve become a lot more closed up and I’m not the same person I used to be and I don’t think I ever will be, but I want to work on becoming even a better person than before.

- Not only did my old relationship effect me, some of my friends did as well. Some innocent jokes about my body or appearance, I would take personally because after being criticised for so long in a relationship, the little things that others say can be dramatic, even if it’s not on purpose.

- I used to work around a lot of older and sick people, working with them really makes me realize what we ALL take for granted, our health & our bodies. 

- Lastly, I remember seeing pictures of myself at an outdoor water park, just looking at my body in a swim suit, I just was not happy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my body, I love my body, I just want it to be the best that it can be.

My goals:

- Tone up my whole body, get rid of the jiggly (arms, thighs)

- Gain muscles, become stronger

- Gain muscle weight (heaviest I’ve been able to get to is 107 lbs, I want to get to at least 110 lbs, but weight isn’t a big factor to me)

- Build a BOOTY!!

- Get rid of the small layer of fat on my belly, gain some abs

- Gain a better and more consistent healthy eating habit

- Hopefully lose some baby fat on my chubby cheeks :D

Ultimately, to make this happen, you will have to make the decision for yourself. No one can really push you to keep going but yourself. I’m making this decision for myself because this is something I just have to do, for myself. I deserve it. 



2013 hasn’t been the best year.. When I look back I haven’t done much.. 2014 will be a better year.

Short/ Long term Goals

Write more - Positive thoughts.

Take more pictures - I don’t have enough pictures esp of me and the bf. 

Grow as an individual at Mankato - This will be a great experience for me!

Excel in my education, obtain my Bachelors.

Form closer, positive bonds with the bf, bff & family.

Money - I’m getting a lot better with my budgeting, but I hope to become a lot stricter.

Learn to write, read and speak Hmong better.

Learn American Sign Language, possibly braille as well. 

Volunteering, runs, etc.

Travel more, return to old cities, explore new ones.

Try new foods/ restaurants.

Health - One of my toughest goal, physically, mentally.

"I’ve seen it all before, you back out, and everything’s changing. I needed something more, you stepped down, so what are you chasing?"
- Red Hands; Walk off the earth